Balance Transfers

Need to pay off other credit cards? Transferring your balance can help you to pay off your creditors, including high-interest credit cards. Simply fill out our Visa Transfer Authorization form and return it to us to start the process.

The start of a new year is a great time to review your finances. If you’ve used other high-rate credit cards for holiday purchases, why not take advantage of our Balance Transfers?

Simply fill out the transfer form and start saving money! Any balances you transfer to your new Platinum Visa will be at a low, variable interest rate. Please note that you should continue to make the monthly payments on the other credit cards until you have confirmed that your balance transfer was completed.

If you are not currently a Platinum Visa Credit Card holder, please feel free to apply and fill out the Platinum Visa Credit Card form.

  • Balance transfer fees of as low as 3% or $5
  • Move all your balances and avoid big interest rates and hidden fees
  • Transferring your balances gives you a lower rate to help pay off your debt faster
  • Low, variable interest rate

Disclaimer: For qualified members. Rates and terms subject to change at any time at the discretion of the credit union.