Member's Choice Borrower Security


We at SJFCU are proud to offer a product that benefits our members in many ways – and provides a real sense of safety and security for them and for their families!

Introducing Member's Choice™ Borrower Security: It’s a loan payment protection product that’s an agreement between SJFCU and a borrowing member that can cancel or reduce repayment of the principal and interest of a loan payment, in the event of disability, loss of life and even involuntary unemployment.

It’s good to know that with the Member's Choice™ Borrower Security program, you can rest assured that your payments will be covered in the event of sudden illness or injury, or if you’re laid off from your job.

Member's Choice™ Borrower Security is available for many loans including auto loans and home equity loans. Plus – it’s also available for your SJFCU Platinum Visa credit card! The Member's Choice™ Borrower Security program also covers multiple loan signers.

The Member's Choice™ Borrower Security program helps members in many ways. A member can:

  • Keep paying bills - If their income is lost, or reduced, during a time of financial hardship (such as an involuntary layoff), payments for covered assets are made, freeing up a member’s income to pay other household bills.
  • Save assets – A family’s standard of living is preserved, savings aren’t depleted, and assets are saved.
  • Maintain their credit rating - By ensuring loan payments are made on financed assets, a member’s credit rating is protected and the ability to get future credit isn’t compromised.

We offer four Member's Choice™ Borrower Security packages. Take a look — one of them is bound to suit your needs.

Those who wish to sign up for the Member's Choice™ Borrower Security program for their loan(s) and/or credit cards can take advantage of the extra benefits the new program offers. Enrollment for Member's Choice™ Borrower Security can occur at any time during a loan’s term.

Learn more about this great new program – speak to one of our staff today at a branch, or call 800-582-7640 to get all the details!