Personal Loans

Whatever your financial need – or want – SJFCU has money to loan for almost any purpose, at budget-friendly terms. As a nonprofit institution, we offer lower loan rates to our members. Take advantage of this for your next family vacation, personal projects, education expenses, and more. If it’s a priority for you, it’s a priority for us.

  • Competitive rates for almost any purpose
    • Family vacation
    • Education expenses
    • Personal projects
    • Debt consolidation
    • Taxes
    • Emergency fund
    • And more!
  • Make payments by automatic payment to qualify for a quarter percent loan rate reduction
  • No waiting period after joining – apply upon membership
  • SJFCU requests that you maintain a minimum $25 Regular Savings balance when you have a loan      
  • Budget-friendly repayment terms, tailored to meet your needs
  • Prompt decision-making and processing based in South Jersey
  • Attentive service from our experienced staff every step of the way

Add an extra layer of protection

Our Member's Choice™ Borrower Security offers payment protection that can cancel or reduce repayment of the principal and interest owed, in the event of disability, loss of life and even involuntary unemployment.