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Love My Credit Union Rewards


Providing value to our well-deserving members is of course important to us when it comes to banking, but it doesn’t just stop there. That’s why we’ve aligned ourselves with the Love My Credit Union Rewards Program in order to provide you with inherent benefits in the branch and beyond.

“Love My Credit Union Rewards” offers discounts on many products and services of interest to credit union members. Previously known as “Invest in America,” the “Love My Credit Union Rewards” program offers some of the best rewards and discounts around for our members, including:

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Turbo Tax

This year, file your taxes the smarter way and get your biggest possible refund, guaranteed. As a credit union member, you are eligible to save up to $15 on TurboTax federal products.

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$100 cash back with every new line activation-no limits!  Current customers will receive $50 for every line they transfer. Plus, a $50 loyalty reward every year for every line.

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