Account Management

Mobile Text Alerts

Enabling Mobile Banking & Alerts

1. You must first be enrolled in eBanking, even to use our Mobile App.

2. To set up Mobile & Text:

  • Select Access Accounts
  • Select Mobile

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue to proceed.TermsConditionsMobileAlert

4. You can then choose what type of Mobile Services to enroll in under Other Services (Click View Screenshot to see example)

  • Mobile Browser
    • You can choose to download app via Apple App Store or Google Play or have the link sent to your phone to download.
    • Activation can be done on eBanking for use of Mobile App (If you downloaded the app and accepted the Terms and Conditions on your Mobile Device, but now chose to setup Text Alerts, you will need to enter your Mobile Number).

5. Text Banking - you can text commands to 59289 to receive alerts (BAL, HIST, ATM, BRANCH, HELP)

6. Click Continue to Proceed


7. Proceed to Configure Time Zone

8. Select Eligible Accounts to use Mobile and Texting (Account Nicknames will appear).

9. You can choose a Mobile Banking Nickname (not required - the standard nickname will be applied, see screenshot below.)


10. Click Continue to proceed.

11. Enter your Mobile phone number to register for text & alerts banking ; you will receive an activation code via text message.


12. Click Continue to proceed.


13. Enter Activation Code received via text confirming your Mobile number.

14. You will receive a text alert confirming activation.


Email & Mobile Alerts

1. You must first be enrolled in email notifications.

2. To set up email & SMS notifications:

  • Select Access Accounts
  • Select Email Notifications

3. Select types of notifications to configure via eLerts Options and click Continue to proceed.


4. Select eLert to setup and click on Add eLert button.


5. Add eLert

  • Enter Dollar Amount
  • Select Suffix
  • Reminder Note (not required)

6. Choose Delivery Method and click Continue.


7. Click Yes to confirm adding the eLert.


8. eLert successfully added! Click eLerts to add additional eLerts, as well as View or Modify existing eLerts.


Modifying Mobile Services Access

1. Modify Mobile Banking Options

  • Select Access Accounts
  • Select Email Notification

2. Choose desired modification and select Go or Update.