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Home Equity Line of Credit

We understand that some projects can't be done in a day.....or a week.....or a month, for that matter! And it's hard to know just how much money you will need to get the job done.  That's why SJFCU has a great new home loan product....the Home Equity Line of Credit. HELOC loans are set up as a revolving line of credit that allows you to borrow money as you need it, using your home as collateral.

  • Use any amount of money, anytime you need it
    • Home Repairs
    • Large Purchases such as Appliances and Furniture
    • Consolidate your debt
    • Pay tuition expenses
    • And much more!
  • Secured by the established equity in your home
  • No Closing Costs*
  • The interest paid may be tax deductible**
  • SJFCU request that you may maintain a minimum $25 Regular Savings balance when you have a loan
  • Prompt decision-making and processing based in South Jersey
  • Attentive service from our experienced staff every step of the way

*If credit line is paid and closed in the first 3 years, borrower will be responsible for reimbursing the credit union for all cost paid at closing. Member is still responsible to pay closing cost for credit limits over $100,000.00

**Consult a tax professional.